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Wire Rope Sling, Endless

The wire rope sling made by Junwei in endless design is also called grommet sling. Its breaking load varies in wire rope specifications. We can work out the breaking load according to wire rope construction. The minimum breaking force of the endless sling is 6 times as large as its working load.

The wire rope slight is flexible and boasts a number of lifting points. So, it offers perfect solution for lifting with small space and high load. It is an ideal one among lifting accessories for lifting transformer, ship structure, special machinery and other large structure lifting in multiple environments.

Technical Parameters of the Wire Rope Sling
Wire rope nominal diameter Nominal tensile strength ( MPa )
1670 1770
mm Maximum load (KN)
9~11 11.5 12.1
12~14 18.5 19.7
16~20 37.9 40.1
22~26 64 67.8
28~32 96.9 103
34~38 137 145
40~44 183 194
46~50 237 251
52~58 318 337
62~70 464 491
80~110 1150 1210

1. The parameters in the table are from sample tests, so they are for reference purposes only with no guarantee or warranty as to its accuracy.
2. Junwei offer custom production as per your special requirements. Please consult with us for details.

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