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Wire Rope Sling, Ferrule Secured

The wire rope sling is composed of steel wire rope and ferrule-secured eye terminations. It is mainly used for hoisting, dragging, tensioning and load bearing. This industrial sling is characterized by high strength, light weight, remarkable working stability, less prone to sudden fracture, etc., and it is commonly used in steel, chemical, transportation, port and building industries.

Here at Junwei, as a prominent lifting sling supplier, we introduce to you the wire rope sling with O shaped ferrule secured eye terminations. Parameters of the lifting product shown in below table are only for reference purposes. We can conduct custom production according to your requirements.

Technical Parameters of the Wire Rope Sling
Wire rope diameter A B C D Hole diameter φ
φ6-7mm 18 14 32 20 14mm
φ8-10mm 23 15 41 24 16mm
φ11-13mm 31 20 56 28 22mm
φ14-16mm 35 24 63 32 26mm
φ18mm 40 26 72 36 29mm
φ20-22mm 48 35 86 44 36mm
φ24-26mm 55 45 99 48 43mm
φ28mm 58 50 104 52 45mm

1. Parameters in the table are a result of sample tests, so they are only for reference purposes. They may be slightly different with the real one due to the difference of test methods and the influence by environments including weather, temperature, humidity, etc.
2. Junwei offers custom production of the wire rope sling as per your needs. Consult with us for details.

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