Wire Ropes for Infrastructure Construction

Junwei's steel wire ropes are an ideal lifting and transporting solution for infrastructure construction. For example, they are widely used on port cranes for lifting containers or for heavy lifting applications in construction of wind power plants, nuclear power plants, building, highways, etc. Our IWRC ropes come with large loading capacity, excellent flexibility, impact resistance, no noise in high speed running, reliable safety and other advantages.


SCC2500C hydraulic crawler crane manufactured by SANY was working in the construction of a power plant in Lincoln, the United States. This crane employed Junwei's steel wire ropes to lift a heavy load of about 60t.

Our crane wire ropes are also used on SANY's SCC500E hydraulic crawler cranes. The picture shows that a SCC500E crane was used in Heemskerk construction site in Leiden, Netherlands to lift and transport cement prefabricated slabs, construction machines and auxiliary facilities.

The wire rope slings in φ100mm diameters were applied to the wind power project of East China Sea Bridge.

SANY SCC400 crawler crane used our wire ropes and 400 tonnage lifting hooks to easily lift 160t load in the construction of Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant.

SANY SCC9000 crawler crane was used in the construction of Beijiang power plant in Tianjin city to lift a crossbeam of 125t by 63m. All steel wire ropes of this crane were supplied by Junwei.

SANY SCC6300 crawler crane equipped with Junwei's steel wire ropes and slings were used in the highway construction in Beijing.

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